There is success. And there is achievement. Success is one thing. Achievement is another. Success is what others judge you by. Achievement is by what you judge yourself.

At ACSR we judge ourselves very harshly, before anybody else judges us. We work not only to succeed; we strive to achieve. We haven't set any goals for ourselves. We feel goals limit imagination. Imagination should have no limits.

Imagination is creative. It opens new doors. Extends frontiers. Presents new challenges. To meet challenges can be very satisfying. But satisfaction leads to complacency. It takes away the desire to do more. People fall in the trap of having achieved success, of having arrived at the destination.

Those who think have arrived call it quits. Miss the whole point. "The road," wrote Cervantes, "is always better than the inn." We travel along the road learning new lessons. Lessons to help us deal better with things. To act better in situations. To improvise and to improve.

We have a long journey to complete and once completed, to begin another. When we started the journey we knew the hurdles we would come across; the problems we would face; the difficulties we would encounter. Nothing discouraged us from taking the first step. We knew we were capable of crossing all rivers, climbing all mountains, and surviving all desserts. So we began our journey.

We were few, but determined. We met people on the way. People who shared our ideas. Liked the direction in which we were going, and wanted to travel with us. We welcomed them. Respected and reciprocated their feelings. So they joined us.

Every mile traveled brought us more companions. The group became bigger, and continues to grow. People waiting on the sideline will join the caravan of vision and hope. Each milestone is encouraging and inviting for them and for us; gives us new strength and new directions. Where we stand is not important. It is the direction in which we are going.

We intend to keep traveling. Learning new lessons on the way. Gaining experience, and sharing the experiences learnt. Sharing is caring and we care. We care about our members, our partners in business, our community and the communities around us. We do not live in isolation. We act, react, and interact within and outside our community. How we do it, reflects on us as individuals, as a community and as the good citizens that we are.

Our aims and objectives are sacrosanct. They are our guiding light. They provide us the strength, the unity, and the motivation to keep working to achieve them. We have been called successful. We respect the opinion, but keep it in proper perspective. We know the difference between success and achievement. And we want to achieve, not only succeed
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