One fine afternoon in October 2003, Mohammad Saleem Rana walked into my office and told me that he wanted to share an idea with me.
He wanted to form an association of independent convenience store retailers. The association would work to build consensus among industry professionals, local municipalities, state and federal governing agencies, elected officials, and others who have a vested interest in the convenience store retail and marketing industries.

His idea was appealing. It had potential. We decided to form the association. At the very outset, we decided that the association would be a non-profit organization with an open membership policy irrespective of the member’s religion, race, color, sex, ethnic background, or language.

I called Khalid Bajwa and told him about the association. He promised his wholehearted support and cooperation. I also called Tahir Khan, who jumped at the idea. After that Mohammad Saleem Rana called other storeowners and so did I. All of them liked the idea, and assured us of their total support. In a short time, we could form a group of storeowners who liked our idea, and extended their support and cooperation. Their response was encouraging and promising.
We held our first organizational meeting at a local hotel. The number of storeowners who showed up was very reassuring. It inspired us to hold more meetings. In each meeting the attendance kept on growing. Very soon we were able to form a group of storeowners large enough to launch the association.

In the General Body Meeting held on January 21, 2004, attended by many storeowners, it was unanimously decided to incorporate the association, form and elect the members of the Executive Committee. Mohammad Saleem Rana, Sajid Bajwa and Tahir Khan were elected as the members of the first Executive Committee, now called Board of Directors. ACSR was born.
ACSR’s was incorporated under the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act. Its Charter (800299406) was issued on January 26, 2004. Bylaws were approved and adopted on March 31, 2004 in the General Body Meeting.

ACSR is different from other trade groups, business organizations and associations. It is a non-profit organization that does not run any commercial operations and does not operate for profit. Unlike other associations, it is neither a religious nor religious-sectarian organization. Its membership is not restricted, but is open to all.

In 2007 we extended our membership to owners of non-franchised businesses also. The term “Business” includes professionals.
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