Aims, Objectives & ByLaws

The Association of Convenience Store Retailers

is a trade association representing the independently owned convenience store retailers currently within the geographic area of San Antonio, Texas with vision of expanding its membership throughout the state of Texas and nationally as the opportunity presents itself commensurate with membership growth. Based in San Antonio, the association works to build consensus among industry professionals, local municipalities, state and federal governing agencies, elected officials, and others who have a vested interest in the convenience store retail and marketing industries.

ACSR is becoming recognized as an inclusive industry leader for advocacy, networking, and educational training in San Antonio, Texas, the association provides leadership opportunities, professional development tools, relationship building events, and knowledge sharing resources to help industry stakeholders navigate through market fluctuations and evaluate industry trends.

Along with the advocacy functions, the ACSR aims to achieve for its membership a great way to gain exposure and expand their network. Members can align themselves with an eminent convenience store retailer organization that promotes the cooperative method of doing business and enjoy discounts and rebates that will boost their bottom line.
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